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Hi guys:  I assume SEDXC wants to continue to sponsor the GQP plaque for
the high GQP score from a DX station outside North America.  The cost is
$40.00 per year.  If this is the case, please let Ed, K4SB know.
Forwarded herewith is his message about there being only two slots
left.  73, John, K4BAI.

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Guys, ran into some trouble with the HD here this morning and need
some information. Some data got corrupted.

Present sponsors for 2000 are

Paul Hansen, Lee Hiers, SEDXC, Bruce Savage, Jay Pryor, and John
Vickers, John Laney and his Dad, and I think, the Columbus ARC. Total
9 meaning I'm missing 2.

If you are not mentioned in the above, and you received an email from
me confirming your sponsorship, please notify me again. On the other
hand, if any of the above is incorrect, let me know.

Things are going smoothly. 1999 is complete, and should be ready next
Friday for shipment. I hope to have the info ready for 2000 before
then so in the case of repeat winners, I can just have them duplicate
the plates and maybe save a little $$. That will mean those get
shipped about the same time.

Also, I know the dates for 2001, but not the times. I want to put out
a couple of announcements, especially for the county hunters. Will
someone post an announcement to the reflector, NOT me, of the times if
you know them. That way, can avoid dupes.

Creative Designs in Roswell is doing a splendid job working with me.
If any of you have a need for Ps, I highly recommend them. It looks
now like we will have a surplus of money left over, which I intend to
use to get stone-faced drunk! 


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