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Fri Dec 31 08:39:20 EST 2004

QST at 0300 Z on Dec 31

1. VU4RBI continues to operate from Port  Blair Sinclairs Hotel with
emergency messages, but no DX calls can now be  taken.  Bharathi is going to
use her regularly scheduled departure  ticked on its original date... the
best way to get an airline seat...on Jan.  1, 2005.

2. Other VU operators will remain on the Islands and continue  the emergency
traffic for as long as it takes.  More VU operators are  traveling to Andaman
to help out soon.

3. One of the VU4NRO stations  is dispatched to one of the hardest hit
Nicobar Islands and is relaying out  emergency traffic from that devastated

4. The other NRO station  is again operational in the college dorm.  They
also are passing  emergency traffic.

5. Around 0400 Z/UTC today Dec. 31, NRO will transmit  slow scan TV pictures
on 14.190 +-.  These are photos from around the  Islands and affected areas
there.  Any station is free to tune in and  copy these TV pictures.

6. Let me again be clear about my status re  VU4.... I served as a helper on
this DXpedition and at all times tried to be  sure it was an INDIA effort,
not some foreigner's.  That same fact  prevailed as soon as the earthquake
hit...that is, I helped and obverved, and  took photos.  It was clear from
the time just after the quake onward  that the INDIA hams had the situation
completely handled and were immediately  effective as emergency
communicators.  Further, these India operators  speak the locaol languages,
which I do not, further reason for me to only be  an observer.  I took my
regularly scheduled air ticket date to depart  Andaman... the only way I
could get a ticket and reasoned that I could relay  whatever Andaman traffic
from my HS0ZCW station.  That I did and  continue to do.

7. Feel free to give my Thailand telephone number to  anyone who wants it...

Hams all over the affected area  in multiple countries are stepping in and
helping.  It is a very  gratifying international effort by hundreds of
volunteer hams.  I am  proud of ham radio, again, today.

Let us hope for a better New  Year.....  73

Charles  Harpole
k4vud at hotmail.com

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