[SEDXC] TA-56 parts

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 8 22:20:45 EDT 2006

The problem Chaz ran into trying to give away the TA-36 reminds me of the
stuff we found in the backyard at W4UYC after Bill passed away.

There was a 4 el 10 laying on his roof that I gave him (bought from Dave
Rogers AA4DR).  I finally found all of a 5 el Kirk 20 meter helical beam.  I
had one in 1977 and Paul N4PN had this one up at Stone Mountain when he was
W4YWX.  I found part of the driven element of a mini beam I also gave Bill
but no boom and no driven element.  Digging thru the vines
I found parts of two Hy-gain verticals but not sure what I have.  Bill's
wife just wanted it GONE.   I also found a 26  foot tall marine vertical
with coax connector at the base.  Not sure what the operating frequency but
Gary K9AY took if off my hands.

The only antennas he had up on his 40 feet of Rohn 25 was a 2 meter vertical
and a sloper from about 1/2 way up to a tree in his back yard.  One fellow
KR4 ?took the sloper and he and another fellow (KS4? ) took down the tower.

Greg KX4R came over and looked for antenna stuff in his basement but none
was found and Greg loaded up his pickup with vintage gear and parts.  Marty
AA4RM even came over and took a few things and noted the old early 50's
Dumont picture tube in a TV shell (Bill or someone disassembled the rest).
He took that an a couple of dynamoters.

After my first visit I told everyone to use off etc as the bugs where there
to feast.  Most of the antenna parts were totally covered by grass and
vines.  A garden snake ran out on my first visit (thru my hands) so I
quickly put on my gloves.

Like Chaz I wondered if someone had taken a few things but on the other hand
why was the 5 El Kirk left?

73 Dave K4JRB

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