[SEDXC] New Cycle Begins!

IAM4RB at aol.com IAM4RB at aol.com
Wed Aug 16 22:13:26 EDT 2006

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> Gang,
> As of yesterday (Aug 15th) a physicist with Marshall Space Flight in 
> Huntsville (NASA) announced  that a rare occurance has happened. On July 
> 31st The sun 
> gave birth to a single  sunspot, but this was no ordinary sunspot, it was a 
> backwards one. Backwards  sunspots only occurs just before a really large 
> sunspot cycle. So scientists  believe that this activity is indicating that 
> the next 
> cycle will indeed be a  large one. They also say that the backwards sunspot 
> is the beginning of a new  cycle, so if that is the case, as of July 31st 
> we're 
> now in Cycle 24. 

Bring it on!!!!

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