[SEDXC] DX Publications

Dave - KB4ET kb4et at gtcom.net
Fri Aug 18 09:51:37 EDT 2006

John's (Ex: K4JAG) comments remind me of Ole Hugh Cassidy who use to say - 
"DXing is a mathematical formula expressed as The height of your tower 
times the excess of your power" - Enjoy, Dave - KB4ET
>Very interesting commentary.........
>After chasing DX for about 47 years I truly believe the following:
>1) Have the best antenna possible at a height commensurate with the
>2) Run the legal limit as far as RF power out goes...
>Competition is much more fierce now than it used to be. It's all fine
>and good to be a "good operator" but that alone will not get you through
>It takes "smoke" and "lots of aluminum" to boot....
>Always remember you are competing with 4CX5000As and more in many cases.
>If your competitor has water cooling lines to their final amplifier you
>will have to wait.
>John, W4NU

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