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Out of curiosity, what was your insurance company's reason to deny coverage?
I have my 1000 listed, but may want to re-evaluate the coverage, depending
on your response.

Chris Wynn

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Many thanks for all the replies.

However, it is now a moot point as the old reliable IC-701, on loan
from Chaz, is suddenly no longer working so I am now QRT until I
figure something else out.  I've hard terrible luck with radios this
year starting with loosing my Paragon to lightning a few months ago
and home insurance not willing to cover it.

701 was working fine last night as I went QRT after working Port Au
Prince on 20 phone.  This morning, I turned it on and nothing was
heard through the speaker on USB, CW, or RTTY modes.  I cannot get any
power out of the rig on these modes either.  However, LSB mode is
working fine on both TX (into a dummy) and RX.

A 30 year old rig has to start experiencing problems at some point I
guess, but it is a real bummer when it happens to a rig you are
borrowing from a fellow HAM.

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