[SEDXC] 3C0M on 17 SSB

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 22 15:02:54 EDT 2006

3C0M shoed today on 17 SSB on 18133.  I kep the receiver on him as he was
weak and a carrier on 18135
blotted him out for a couple of hours.  I heard him across the room work
N9NS so I put my little Icom on 18140 and then heard K4KAL make a contact.
With 100 watts it took several minutes.

His signal was S7 on peaks with heavy QSB and stations on 18130 and the
carrier on 18135 made it somewhat fifficult.  Plus I use my 40 meter beam
and I could only get it to 55 degrees and its at 34 feet still.

Understand they will be there until early November and the two EA's are
usually very active all bands so this one should be easy.

73 Dave K4JRB

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