[SEDXC] Alpha 77 DX/SX

k4lms at bellsouth.net k4lms at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 5 12:32:29 EDT 2006

I have a ALPHA 77 DX and looking to add the other Eimac 8877 tube..I know that some of the club members has one of these amp... and has anyone every did the conversion??
 With the addition of the second tube intensifies the magnetic field arround the transformer so much that the reed relay (on CB-2 circuit board) will buzz at 60 hertz. I need info on the replacement relay to install.
Also I am aware of Dick Byrd's web site but I would like to see a schmatic on the conversion...
Anyone out there can help.
Mike Combs - K4LMS at bellsouth.net

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