[SEDXC] Working the JA's

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Best time to work JA is around our sunset on 20 meters OR on 40/30 meters around sunrise and 20 meters just after sunrise. You will not hear as many as you probably did in W6. At this point of the sunspot cycle only the big gun JA's will be loud.

It should pickup during contest season. I have had no problem working JA's on 80 and 40 meters and have heard them on 160. I would think this season will be very good on 160 to work a JA.  A KW
is probably required but in last years CQWW SSB I did 40 meter single band low power (100 watts) and managed to get a couple JA's to hear me...

Jeff  KU8E

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> Date: 2006/09/11 Mon PM 12:55:28 EDT
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> Subject: [SEDXC] Working the JA's
> What is the trick to working the JA's from here in ATL?  Can it be
> done with simple wires and what direction should wires be run to work
> them?
> I never seem to hear them on the air when I see them spotted and I do
> a fair amount of listening.
> Do I just need to be patient and wait for the sunspot cycle to improve?
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