[SEDXC] Fwd: Comcast Subscriber Problems

Ed k4sb at comcast.net
Tue Sep 12 01:29:05 EDT 2006

Well, the list owner for RTTY is Jim Reisert ( spelling? ) and he says
he doesn't have "time" to "weed" the list of subscribers just for
Comcast customers.

Which sounds pretty lame to me as the list owner must have some type
of list which could be searched for Comcast customers. Comcast, either
by design or inability, has not give me the correct email address of
the guy in charge of the "blacklist".

Don had to fix me with the SECC list, and someone did it for the
Writelog is working OK as is Contest, but the threads on Contest are
so weird I may just unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing RTTY and then unsubscribing doesn't work. Oh yes, you
the email saying you are unsubscribed and then subscribed but Comcast
is the block.

Which is why I may just change DSL service before the week is over.

Hopefully, BellSouth will be more reasonable.

There is one workaround to this problem. Establish a .com with
GoDaddy.com...about $8 a year, ie k4sb.com ( or .reg, ect ) and
then link your email through that address. You still need Comcast to
connect, but they have no say over the email. Same thing goes for any

Getting too damn old for this aggravation. Trying to figure out what
State agency to complain to. PSC?


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