[SEDXC] My VP6 contact....

Keith LaBorde (K4KAL) k4kal at arrl.net
Thu Feb 14 12:12:45 EST 2008

You guys are going to laugh...

I was in warm-up mode with the Alpha 99, and had the PROIII setup ready to transmit split for 21.295.0 and QSX 21.300.0
As soon as the lights went green on the amp, I called and worked the VP6.
He came back 59...

Then I later realized, the antenna I used was my 5Kw Bird Dummy Load sitting under my wood deck in the back-yard.
I forgot to switch to the Stepp-IR?
So I guess the band conditions are really good right now.

Just lacking 10M qso now, and will have them on 9 bands.

Keith, K4KAL

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