[SEDXC] Fw: [DX-IS] 9X0R Press Release

David Johnson jdavid1 at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 16 14:33:19 EST 2008

Is this the group that ask the SEDXC for funds?

Disappointment with the operation DJ6SI, DK2WV and DJ9ZB from Rwanda.

Team members of the multinational dxpedition to Rwanda,
9X0R, express their disagreement and disappointment to the three
German operators who are operating from Rwanda now, because the only
important thing for those three hams, it seems, is to be the first
regardless of anything else.

As everyone knows, it was almost impossible to get a
license in Rwanda. After 6 months of hard work, I reached
an in-person interview with the Head of RURA, the department
of Rwanda's Government that deals with affairs of radio, and, risking
my previous work and the full cost of this trip, I went to talk to
the head of the RURA .

Before my trip to Kigali everything related with amateur radio
(licensing included) was frozen . RURA Officials were fearful of amateur
radio activities and they had not much interest in this matter. They
didn't know how to make a license, or conditions or standards to apply or
protocols to follow, problems which were solved thanks to the work
done by Peter Stabusch and myself in those frenetic days of the
beginning of this year. So they start to establish the Rules to follow
for obtaining the amateur license and at the same time they
prepared my 9X0R license.

I am a member of the German DX Foundation and since my appointment
with the head of RURA was confirmed past December, I sent an email to
GDXF Secretary informing him about my plans and told him that I would
like to have another GDXF member in my team. I was communicating this
way to my friends in the GDXF, including its President,DJ9ZB, telling
them about my plans without hiding anything because I was thinking that
all GDXF members we are gentlemen.

Today, thanks to the work others have done, DJ6SI, DK2WV and DJ9ZB
have been able to get their 9X0 licenses so quickly, at the same time
counting us for nothing, although simple domestic education means, at
least, informing us about their intentions. I suppose that their
only aim was to go there and get on the air before us regardless of
anything else.

This is something I would never have done because of my moral principles,
my ethical principles and my education.

9X0R members want to express our revulsion towards this kind of practice.

We will continue with our plans of doing the Dxpedition as it was planned
and helping to establish amateur radio in Rwanda as well as Rwanda Amateur
Radio Union in the Republic of Rwanda and donating materials for the future
Kihali's radio club station so that young people of Rwanda could get
acquainted with the world of Amateur Radio and would be able to learn
about international friendship through our hobby.

Therefore, I ask everyone of you that, if you spend your time on
calling 9X0X-DJ6SI, 9X0W-DK2WV or 9X0Z-DJ9ZB pile-ups , just think and
remember which kind of hams you are trying to contact.

We, 9X0R members, still believe in the gentlemen hams and we are
against those who believe that anything is valid looking to be first.

The 9X0R will return to the German DX Foundation the funds donated by
it because we believe that the actions of its President, DJ9ZB,
are not the proper ones to promote amateur radio, DX and dxpeditions.

Antonio Gonzalez EA5RM - 9X0R

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