[SEDXC] Tip on QSLing to VP6DX!! Important!

Bill Barr, N4NX billn4nx at alltel.net
Thu Feb 21 16:24:12 EST 2008


I mentioned this in my presentation last night, but for those of you that weren't there or who might want the reference I share the following:

If you visit www.vp6dx.com  you will see several links on the left side of the home page.  First read QSL information --- then the big tip is to read " ONLINE QSL REQUEST".

Here is a summary of what you will learn:

Online QSL request with a minimum of a 5 USD donation will get the first direct QSL responses from VP6DX!!!

You can list all of your QSO information on their Online form and then no further action on your part is required ( Provided you donate at least 5 USD ).

THIS IS A NO BRAINER!!! ( Unless you weren't going to make any donation at all ).  It will cost you more than $3 just to send via direct airmail and you will wait longer for your cards than the folks that use the Online QSL request!

If you didn't really need it but normally send QSLs thru the bureau anyway--DON"T.  You can make online Bureau request via the online form with no donation and your card will be sent via Bureaus AFTER all other QSLs have been answered.  They don't want the Big pile of Bureau cards coming there way.  I understand that they will be returned.

this is a First Class operation!  Good QSLing1

Bill N4NX

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