[SEDXC] Funding YI9PSE and LOTW

Don Nesbitt n4hh at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 21 07:17:04 PST 2009

Posted from cold cold snowy Vermont

Just in case we are taking an on-line poll, I'm FOR it as per the request.

BUT - I see by their web site that it is planned for April and they say that they will update LOTW around the end of the year.  Now the POSITIVE in this is that they DO plan to use LOTW - and - 

FRANKLY, I don't think we should fund any DXpeditions that don't use LOTW!

I'd like to take credit for that as an original idea but as I recall it was mentioned before - I can tell you who I think said it but I'd probably be wrong!

Now I'm sure there are great arguments surrounding the financing of "expensive" operations and the need to garner as much as possible in the form of QSL "contributions" - BUT - there should be some "reasonable" amount of time AFTER which qso's are posted to LOTW.

Now, the problem is what is "reasonable?"

I'd like to propose that 4 months after the conclusion of the 
DXpedition is "reasonable."

Blast away - the shields are up! '73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH/1

BTW - I'm down to 3 needed so it really doesn't affect me but does affect lots and lots of others - particularly those new to dxing.


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