[SEDXC] AT&T U-VERSE problem thread on QRZ.com

Norm Schklar norman at schklar.com
Sun Sep 12 08:33:37 PDT 2010

It seems the performance of your internet provider is very specific to you
I tried U-verse because I liked the features; it went out often when I was
on the radio. They said they could fix it, but couldn't.  It went on for 3

My Comcast has been reliable for several years.  I started out with Comcast
and Bellsouth several years past.  It was a test for my employer.
After about 18 months, Comcast was definitely the faster and more reliable.
Now Comcast will put a T1 to shame with download speed.
I do upload files every day, the upload has been very reasonable.  
We do webcam with the grandson in Denver a couple times a week.   I've found
Skype to be the best performing of the cam interfaces.

I'm not necessarily a proponent of one over the other, but share my
experience.  I'm sure your neighborhood is different.

http://www.speedtest.net/result/950378790.png  my latest speed test from
www.speedtest.net .
I don't know what speedtest.net does or spies on my computer, but their
reporting system is great I see results of speedtests since 2008.

Norm Schklar, wa4zxv

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