[SEDXC] Beam-in-a-bag YP-3 three element portable yagi for sale

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If this hasn't sold, I'll buy it at the $325 price below.  Please let me know about payment (paypal?) and shipping and/or pickup.  I'm in Cumming.

Thanks and 73,

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This is the one from SuperAntennas.  Their website is only for sales now and doesn't have much info--I'm not sure they are still fully in business.
Anyway, this is the 3 element 6-20 meter yagi (one band at a time) that breaks down and fits in a bag about 3 feet long.
Here's a review on the antenna:  http://www.worldwidedx.com/amateur-radio-antennas/37403-super-antennas-yp-3-portable-multi-band-yagi-review.html
I've marked mine with color-coded electricians tape to mark the Reflector/director and Driven elements to make for quicker assembly.  It has been used at two Field Days, at 30' with decent results--mainly on 20 meters--it does show directionality.
This is not an antenna you will want to put up permanently, but for Field Day, DXpeditions and other portable operations it works well.
The current price on the web is $395.  I'll let this one go for $325.  It is in good shape.
73, Tad, WF4W

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