[SEDXC] VU2RBI Visiting Atlanta

Robert Carroll w2wg at comcast.net
Sat May 7 16:19:33 PDT 2011

Bob Allphin has received a message from Bharathi, VU2RBI, saying she will be
in the Atlanta area during the period of 5/22 to 5/31.  I am sure many DXers
in the SEDXC know her from her many DX exploits and for her work in getting
some rare DXCC entities on the air over the last few years.  She would like
to visit with ham clubs in the area and operate from the Georgia Tech ham
club station.   Bob will be out of town during that time period , and due to
family issues I too will be for the most part unavailable.  Bob recalls that
on her last visit to Atlanta, a large dinner was held in her honor at a
local Indian restaurant.     Bob requests that a SEDXCer volunteer to act as
her host in introducing her to the Atlanta ham community on this trip.  If
you would be willing to do so, please contact me at 770-594-8079. Additional
info-Bharathi's son is a student at Georgia Tech and her brother-in-law
lives in the Atlanta area. 



Bob W2WG

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