[SEDXC] Pelican cases

BLamboley at aol.com BLamboley at aol.com
Thu May 26 18:55:27 PDT 2011

The VP8ORK Team is in the process of liquidating their assets  and are 
offering two of their remaining Pelican cases for sale.  The cases  are model 
number 1650 and include the "Pick and Pluck" foam.  They are  heavy duty cases 
and totally waterproof and have wheels.  Please see the  following link 
_www.thepelicanstore.com_ (http://www.thepelicanstore.com)  and click on  
Pelican case model 1650 for all the details.  Price is $127.00 each (about  half 
price) and I will deliver within the Atlanta area!  Bev wants her  garage 
Wes - W3WL
(770) 642-2087

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