[SEDXC] SteppIR Verticals

BLamboley at aol.com BLamboley at aol.com
Thu May 26 20:35:48 PDT 2011

The last of the equipment to be liquidated from the VP8ORK  Expedition 
includes one Big IR Vertical for 40 thru 6 meters and one Big IR  Vertical for 
80 thru 6 meters.  These verticals were new before the  Expedition and used 
for 3 weeks.  All hardware, 100 feet of control cables  instruction books and 
controllers are included.
Antennas are in excellent condition and help for assembly and  erection 
will be provided as needed.
Please see _www.steppir.com_ (http://www.steppir.com)  for more 
information, or  call me at 770 642 2087.  
Cost of the 40 thru 6 system is at 20% off ($683.00) and comes  with new 
warranty from SteppIR.
Cost of the 80 thru 6 meter system is 20% off as well  ($945.00) and 
includes the new warranty.
These antennas performed flawlessly on the  Expedition.
Thanks for considering these antennas!
Wes - W3WL

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