[SEDXC] QRP 80M Fox Hunt Tonight

John T. Laney III k4bai at att.net
Tue Feb 7 15:59:46 PST 2012

Hello all:

I am a last minute swap substitute fox for tonight's 80M CW QRP Fox 
Hunt.  Dave, N0IT, is a bit ill and will take my previously assigned 
date.  K9JWV and I will be the two foxes between 3550 and 3570 kHz 
tonight from 0200Z until 0330Z (Tuesday night local, Wednesday UTC).  
Exchange is RST, SPC, Name, Power. Work only the two Foxes and run no 
more than 5W output.

I will be using my FT1000MP at 5W and a half wave coax fed dipole 
configured as an inverted vee with the apex at about 55 feet.  Hope to 
work many of you and that you can work Jim, K9JWV, as well.

73/72, John, K4BAI.

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