Mike Greenway K4PI at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Jan 21 11:05:44 EST 2014

ZS8C is still showing regularly every morning on 15 M around 21360.  On weekdays he seems to show around 1300 and heard him CQing many times around 1315 this morning with no takers.  He finally got a few callers and then went split.  On the weekends he seems to be on much earlier and stay longer.  He is always strongest for me the earliest I hear him.  1230-1245 if he is on, is the better time but still very copyable through the morning and this morning he is still copyable at 1600 although much weaker than the 1300 time frame.

The group on the way to FT5 are using the call VK6FZM/MM.  I worked them on 15 CW this morning at 12:44 and on 20 CW a couple of days ago at 22:30.  Found their online tracking map it would appear they are basically there or very close but it is after sunset so they will probably do nothing until tomorrow as far a unloading.  Their sunrise is 23:48.  I am sure there are some in direct contact and may have fresher news.

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