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It seems to me the board did not go far enough.
Why shouldn't I be able to operate a remote station in southeast Asia vs. St. Paul Minnesota to get my contacts???
"Issues concerning remotely controlled operating and DXCC are best dealt with by each individual carefully considering the ethical limits that he/she will accept for his/her DXCC and other operating awards"
I could be on the "honor" roll tomorrow.  Hmmm....
73 John N4TOL
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Any of you that emailed K4AC in regard to their dismay in the use of Distant
Remotes in the DXCC program, please resend it again.  Either he is not getting
them or he is ignoring them as I received this email today.

Hi, Mike. Not
sure if you heard, but this topic never made it to the July Board meeting
because the Programs & Services Committee never came to a consensus on it. While
it's an ongoing issue, the PSC seems to be moving as a snail's pace. From what I
gather, some of the PSC members (which include a few Division Directors)
indicated that they heard no negative feedback on remotes and their impact on

- Larry
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