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Donation on the way

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> Date: May 22, 2015 at 10:34:08 PM EDT
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> Subject: RE: VK0EK Funding
> Friends-
> We are extremely grateful for this generous donation.
> As you may have seen, the schedule had to be moved to March, 2016 due to the failure to secure a safe contract with the previous vessel. We have now made a contract with the Braveheart, while will take us from Cape Town to Heard Island to Fremantle. We should be QRV on Heard Island March 16-April 6, plus or minus a few days, and weather permitting, of course!
> As you probably know, we will use DXA (version 3) to give DXers nearly real-time confirmation of their successful QSOs. All you have to do is watch the DXA web page with any browser, and it will automatically update, showing the QSOs logged in the past minute. We expect you will be able to order your QSL cards via a link form the DXA page, and it’s possible that many cards will be delivered while we are still on the island.
> We will look forward to receiving the funds, and will immediately update our websites www.heardisland.org and www.ve0ek.org. You can see on the sponsors page that the DXing community is being very generous to support this very difficult and expensive operation, so your contribution will be well-appreciated, and well-spent!
> 73,
> Bob KK6EK
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> Subject: VK0EK Funding
> Dr. Dave & Dr. Robert, the Southeastern DX Club has approved a grant of $750 for the upcoming Heard Island DxPedition.  We noticed the piece in this past week's DX Weekly.  Would you provide us a little update on the plans?  Thanks,  73,  Jeff
> Dr. Jeffrey A. Cantor

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