[Skimmertalk] Archive?

Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Tue Jul 1 11:23:38 EDT 2008

> Here is the problem in your argument and others who hold that only
> reception "by ear" qualifies for unassisted.  The "traditional intent"
> is not to HEAR a signal; it is to WORK as many stations as possible
> using the specified transmission method.  Working a station on CW
> does not require using a specific method of detection or decoding.
> Whether the operator decodes CW by sound, light, feel (vibration)
> or software is of no concern of the sponsors/rules - just as it is
> no concern whether the operator has a transceiver with traditional
> analog detectors or modern DSP demodulators.

Working a station in a CW Contest DOES require a specific method of
detection if required in the rules.  We will just have to wait and see
how those new rules read.

Just as an experiment, go to some fishing contest refector and say it is
all about how many fish you catch and see if you get about the same
response there as you do here when you propose that the rules should
allow a drag net to be used in a bass fishing competition.  Rod and 
Give me a break.  That is old technology for catching fish.

Stan, K5GO

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