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> From: David Gilbert <xdavid at cis-broadband.com>
>...... maybe it would be more productive to hear 
> some thoughts on what should constitute the intent of a baseline 
> category for amateur radio contesting.  

Good idea, Dave.

I could envision a scenario which included three echelons of "Single
Operator" entrants.

>>SO Classic:<<  

This class would be the basic "operator emphasized" class that you mention. 

The operator would search out, identify the target stations, and decode by
ear all QSO information (with the obvious exception of decoding RTTY and
similar "machine centric" modes.)  

Multiple radios (ie., SO2R) would be allowed.  

Computerized logging which does basic record keeping, dupe checking, and
log-submission (CABRILLO) processing would be allowed.  "Super-check
Partial", CW decoding, and similar aids would be prohibited.  

Electronic keyers/memory keyers would be allowed (stand-alone or

>>SO Technologist:<<  

This class would have complete access to all available LOCAL operating aids
(inside the magic circle) including local "skimmer", "Super-check Partial",
CW decoders, auto-fill logging features, and similar aids, technologies, or
operating yet to be developed.  

Essentially this is a "no-holds-barred" category with the single exception
of "no access to aid from other humans, packet networks, computer networks,
and other external information sources yet to be developed which would
provide identify the callsigns, operating frequencies, or other information
which would aid in identifying other contest participants.

>>SO Unlimited:<<

Same as "SO Technologist" with the addition of free access to information
sources from outside his station, ie. packet and spotting networks, etc.

73, de Hans, K0HB

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