[Skimmertalk] IARU and Skimmer

Marijan Miletic s56a at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 16:35:26 EDT 2008

I run YU1LM DR2A SDR with MAR-8 preamp using switched XO slightly under CW band beginning.

Skimmer and N1MM Logger were running on Dell 1,8 GHz PC with Audigy sound card at 96 kHz.

Unfortunately I didn’t select “paranoid” mode so many wrong callsigns appeared during TX time.

Another mistake was letting Skimmer spots disappear after 60 minutes.  I didn’t call CQ much.

I operated assisted many times but on this occasion bandmap was filled with workable stations!

Skimmer detected AT6T VU HQ several times but I was foolishly erasing it until 40 m QSO L

Unfortunately N1MM Logger didn’t mark HQ stations on bandmap as mults but I know most of them.

 Very positive experience and I am looking forward to endless use of this fine CW tool.  

I only have to train my young Samoyed dog to press ENTER at the right moment J

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU



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