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Dick Dievendorff dieven at comcast.net
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The FCC doesn't require SSB, RTTY, or SSTV skills to obtain a license

Current FCC amateur licensing is about passing a knowledge test (with all
the questions and answers available ahead of time), not "skills" that are

When there was a Morse test, it was the only mode of the many allowed to
amateurs that required a skill test. I didn't have to demonstrate any
ability to operate RTTY to pass the Extra license exam. While I enjoy CW, it
seemed to me that for the FCC to single out one mode for a skill test wasn't
quite fair to those that didn't plan to use CW. I don't plan to use SSTV. I
had to memorize a couple of answers about it, but otherwise I could care
less. Perhaps some guy who is interested primarily in SSTV might feel the
same way about CW that I feel about SSTV.

I don't think a licensing discussion is relevant to the CWSkimmer discussion
at hand. Clearly one can use a Morse reader for CW and no FCC rules are
broken. FCC rules are the minimum requirement for US contestants, each
contest organizer can add additional constraints. 

Dick, K6KR

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> =>   I am legally allowed to operate an amateur radio station without 
> being able to copy a single letter of Morse code, but that does not in 
> any manner prevent a contest sponsor from defining a category that 
> requires me to do so.  <=
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E

To expand on that thought, while FCC doesn't require Morse skills to obtain
a license, there are two band segments where Morse is the only mode that
FCC allows you to use.  

73, de Hans, K0HB

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