[Skimmertalk] Skimmer and Perseus

Jeff Maass jmaass at k8nd.com
Sat Dec 19 17:56:21 PST 2009

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> > I assume this is via
> > a telnet port and I see that the default in Skimmer is port 7300, 
> > which doesn't work otherwise I wouldn't be asking the question.
> >
> > So please excuse me if this is a pdq from a Skimmer virgin, 
> but what 
> > telnet port should I set to have the spots populate the 
> N1MM bandmap?
> >
> Spots flow on to the N1MM bandmap for me using v1.5 set to 
> port 7300 and N1MM set to use
> 73,
> Barry N1EU

The address '' ('localhost') only works, of course, if CW Skimmer is running
on the SAME COMPUTER as the logging program! I've never run the logging program and CW
Skimmer on the same PC.

If CW Skimmer is running on another computer, you need to address it on your LAN with that
PC's IP address and the port number, e.g. on my LAN ''.  

You may need to modify your firewall configuration to let the spots flow.

You also need to enable the telnet server within CW Skimmer from the "Setting" tab. Check
the box and make sure you know which port is selected (default is 7300, but it can be
changed). See the last page of N4ZR's "Introduction to CW Skimmer".

73,  Jeff  K8ND

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