[Skimmertalk] Skimmer, Writelog, Rigsync and PowerSDR config inquiry

Edward Russell ehr at qrv.com
Tue Jan 27 09:01:02 EST 2009

This is all good advice from Pete, except that no Y-connector is needed to
share a rig with WriteLog if that rig is connected to omnirig. RigSync
effectively gives WriteLog support for OmniRig (as noted in my earlier

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> At 03:47 AM 1/27/2009, Joey Panganiban wrote:
> >Hello, can anyone help me configure Skimmer/Writelog/PowerSDR? I¢m a new
> >user of CW Skimmer.  I'm successful in making it run and was able to
> >decode all incoming CW signals with my Flex-radio.  My PC is a Core 2 Duo
> >2.4GHz, 6GB RAM,  Win XP pro. I use a Flex-Radio SDR1000 running PowerSDR
> >v 1.16.1, Roland Edirol FA-66 sound card, VAC 4.09, com0com v2.2.0.0, I
> >have Rigsync and Omni-rig installed.  I can run Power SDR (com14) and
> >Skimmer (com4) alone, but when I start Writelog (com4), or any logger
> >(com4), they don¢t communicate.  Obviously there is conflict on com4. I
> >would also like to ask what com pair assignments will best suit my
> >configurations or any other programs I need to run them. I will
> appreciate
> >it so much if you can give me a step by step instruction so I can run at
> >least my contest logger (PowerSDR v1.16.1/Writelog v10.70c/CWSkimmer
> 1.4).
> >73 & Thank you, Joey DU1BP du1bp at yahoo.com
> A couple of things I can think of, Joey.  First, you can feed spots from
> Skimmer to Writelog simply by setting up Writelog to receive Skimmer's
> telnet spots as if it were a standard DX cluster, on IP address
> (or maybe localhost) port 7300.  In RigSync, on the Skim tab, there are
> checkboxes for sharing data between Skimmer and Writelog.  In Skimmer, on
> the Calls tab in Settings, there is an option for having spots on the
> Skimmer bandmap display color codes based on their status in Writelog -
> mult, new QSO, dupe, etc.  I think you need to turn all of those on, but
> frankly don't know what else (if anything) is needed.  Maybe Ed, W2RF can
> comment - I know he is working on a Help file for RigSync, which can do
> more things than I know.
> One additional thing you will need is a way of sharing COM4 between
> Writelog and Skimmer/OmniRig.  I'm skating on thin ice here, but you may
> be
> able to do that with the free Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE) from
> www.eterlogic.com.  A number of people have reported good results using
> that software to share the serial port on a hardware transceiver between
> Skimmer and a logging program.  You might also be able to do this using
> one
> of MicroHam's intelligent interfaces and their latest USB router software,
> which provides two virtual serial ports for simultaneous control of a
> transceiver.  I don't know if this would work with PowerSDR.
> I hope this helps.
> 73, Pete N4ZR

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