[Skimmertalk] found an interesting anomally

FireBrick w9ol at billnjudy.com
Sun May 17 06:18:31 PDT 2009

I'm not calling this a 'bug'.
As it's probably a 'MY SYSTEM ONLY' anomaly.
The only reason I'm crossposting to the three programs involved is that 
maybe someone may have experienced a related situation.

With any version of PWSDR, release or SVN, there is a extreme delay in 
starting and ending a RTTY signal IF CWSKIMMER is also running on the 
CWSkimmer does not have to be 'enabled or actually decoding.
It can just be open but not activated.

But there is a dramatic wait for WinWarbler to begin or end RTTY 
transmission IF CWS is on screen.

If WW is in CW mode, there is no delay with or without CWSkimmer on, enabled 
or not.

This only seems to effect my RTTY start/stop commands.
It does NOT effect WinWarbler PSK which I find confusing as PSK is a audio 
signal, as is my AFSK RTTY signal. PSK is using the same Virtual Audio 
Cables as is RTTY.

I can tell by my cpu meter that CWSkimmer is NOT enabled to decode.

This is not a problem as I don't need CWSkimmer running when in RTTY mode. 
It's only a mouse click away to close/open as I jump around the bands.

the delay is equal to a count to '5 Mississippi'. So approximately 5 seconds 
to WinWarbler F2 START transmission but slightly quicker to F4 stop a 
transmission in WinWarbler.

I'm suspicious it's some sort of Virtual Com Port issue.

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