[Skimmertalk] Antennas for multi-band Skimmer installations

Phil Theis phil at k3tuf.com
Wed Sep 23 12:43:20 PDT 2009

What radio are you using to receive multi bands?
Phil K3TUF

Wes Cosand wrote:
>> This morning I read Pete's article in the July/August NCJ, "CW Skimmer --
>> One Year Later".  This week I have been following the positive comments on
>> the QS1R reflector about alpha testing of Alex's multi band Skimmer Server
>> software.
>> But what do we use for antennas?
> Well, I have ordered the "Junior" version of the HyGain Hytower vertical to
> use as a Skimmer antenna.  I know all the reasons why a short active antenna
> would be simpler but I prefer not to have an amp out in the woods attached
> to a lightning rod... chuckle.  We will see how difficult it is to tune.  I
> may end up with the Clifton Labs antenna if this doesn't work.
> Wes, WZ7I
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