[Skimmertalk] Antenna for Quicksilver Receiver

Mack mccormick_mack at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 15 12:00:02 PST 2010

I plan to add a Quicksilver receiver to my station set up this week for
multi-band use with CWSkimmer Server. 

1. What antenna are you using? Height?

2. Is the antenna dedicated to the Quicksilver or are your sharing the
antenna with a transmit antenna?

3. If you're sharing the antenna with a transmit antenna is it sufficient to
place a receiver protector on the front end of the Quicksilver and to short
the antenna input to ground via a relay during keying? Of course, I
understand there are many variables here and will measure the input voltage
to the Quicksilver to ensure I'm not exceeding 0.3mv. A mechanical relay
error that would send 1.5kw into the input of the receiver does make me

I plan to use this limiter on the input to the receiver:


Mack de WB4MAK

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