[Skimmertalk] Mouse/keyboad sharing across 2 computers

Mark n2qt n2qt at verizon.net
Mon Feb 15 17:06:30 PST 2010

As my main computer was unable to run Skimmer with the normal logging 
I used a second computer to run skimmer.  VSPE with LP-Bridge on the skimmer
computer allowed linking over a null modem cable to the logging somputer to 
control of the K3 by the logging software.

This works fine but annoying to have to reach for a second mouse or keyboard 
control Skimmer directly.

I just disconverd, Synergy,  a program that allows a mouse/keyboard on one
computer to control a second computer.  It uses TCP/IP for control, so the 
must be linked on a LAN.  The program is available (and free) at


When it's installed the mouse cursor moves to the monitors of either 
computer and the
mouse clicks work as expected.  The keyboard is active on the computer that 
mouse cursor is visible on.

You can link more than 2 computers, and monitors can be specified as left, 
right, over
or under the monitor on the main computer.

neat stuff, and now I can keep the logging computer as is, and add external 
CPU capability
in a second box!

Mark n2qt

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