[Skimmertalk] Help! QS1R "crashing" under Skimmer Server driver/firmware

k3mm at verizon.net k3mm at verizon.net
Tue Feb 16 11:21:42 PST 2010

I'm have USB problems with my QS1R when I load the Skimmer Server package.

The Server status shows intermittent loss of communication and eventually the QS1R Receiver entry in the Device manager screen disappears, at which point I have to reboot the receiver and reload the driver to get it back.  I am running XP with all the updates on a new Quad core 6600 PC.

SDRMAX2 and it's QS1R Server seem to be rock solid at any bandwidth, so I have to believe it is something with the driver supplied with Skimmer Server.

I need to get this running tonight or I'll have to revert to my SDR-IQ for the ARRL CW.



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