[Skimmertalk] Skimmer Server Stats - ARRLDXCW 2010

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Feb 22 04:49:08 PST 2010

I thought fellow Skimmerheads - and maybe some others - would be 
interested in some statistics from my Skimmer Server in the ARRLDXCW 
2010.  I was running a QS1R receiver on 6 bands simultaneously, with 96 
KHz bandwidth on each, and an 8-foot active vertical from Clifton 
Laboratories (mine is a prototype, but production units are now 
available - www.cliftonlaboratories.com ).  Incidentally, I never saw 
over 50 percent CPU loading on a very minimal dual-core Pentium.

In the 48 hours of the contest, Skimmer Server reported 46,954 spots, 
almost 1000/hour.  Of these, 28,634 were DX (non-W/VE) [note please, 
these sub-totals are approximate because I'm doing this manually].

On Saturday morning, the first European heard on 15M was 9A1A at 1140Z, 
8 dB above the noise; on Sunday it was 9A5X at 1142Z, 2 dB above the noise.

I would be curious to know how those compare with other US Eastern-half 
Skimmers.  My QS1R is sensitivity-limited on 15 and 10, because I don't 
(yet) have a preamp in line.  Did you hear your first Europeans earlier 
than I did?

Also, are there any hardcore Excel or Access jocks out there who would 
be interested in massaging the data?  If so I'd be glad to provide it in 
either form.

73, Pete N4ZR
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