[Skimmertalk] Blind CW Skimmer Spots

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Wed Sep 22 14:56:52 PDT 2010

CW Skimmer in its normal mode has the capability to telnet spots to the 
N1MM bandmaps.  Aside from the information displayed on the N1MM 
bandmaps, that also gives the operator the ability to step from one 
station to the next within N1MM using the keyboard.  You can be running 
stations on VFO A, momentarily switch to the window for VFO B, press 
CTRL-Up/DnArrow and jump directly to the frequency of the next potential 
S&P contact.

In Blind Mode (legal for unassisted operation), however, CW Skimmer 
currently does not telnet "spots" to N1MM since there is no callsign 
identified.  CW Skimmer still identifies frequencies for each station it 
hears (even if it can't decode a callsign) and places a marker (small 
circle) on its own bandmap, but it won't pass anything to N1MM.  It 
seems to me that it would be very useful if CW Skimmer in Blind Mode 
could telnet spots to N1MM even if the only information passed was a 
random label and the frequency.  That would allow SO2V or SO2R stations 
operating unassisted to be able to step through potential 2nd rig/vfo 
stations without their hands leaving the keyboard to tune a knob on the 
rig.  Spots submitted by the operator (worked stations, etc) would still 
be visible, of course.

Before anyone gets all lathered up about my suggestion, it is already 
legal for an unassisted operator to use CW Skimmer in Blind Mode and to 
step through station frequencies using the CW Skimmer bandmap.  I just 
think it would be more convenient to do so without having to jump from 
the N1MM window to the CW Skimmer window.

Would anyone else find telnetted blind spots from CW Skimmer to be 
useful?  If so, please let me know ... privately if you prefer.  I'm 
trying to take a sort of informal survey on the idea.

Dave   AB7E

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