[Skimmertalk] a special .ini for split operation

Bill w9ol at billnjudy.com
Sat Apr 30 06:13:03 PDT 2011

After talking to Alex, I remembered that I was given a special .ini file 
that allowed me to operate split via CWSkimmer.
When in receive mode, I would hear vfoa on the dx station
But I could mouse click on a 'last worked' or 'clear spot' in CWSkimmer 
and that would automatically transmit on the the dx stations listening 

When I go to Settings>Cat>and choose Use Radio 1 I a window opens that 
offers two tabs:
Rig1 and Rig2

But I can't see anything in the cwskimmer.ini file that looks related to 
my ability to operate split in CWSkimmer.

anybody have some clues?

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