[Skimmertalk] couple Skimmer questions

Bill w9ol at billnjudy.com
Thu Dec 15 04:58:12 PST 2011

First ?
I'm not sure I understand what the option on the Telnet tab means.
"Allow Skimmer commands" ???
I have it enabled.
What kind of commands is Skimmer sending?
To what is it sending to? I'm assuming it's sending qsy to radio type 
instructions when I mouse click on a part of the bandmap???
Are there other commands?

Second ?
Radio is a Flex5K using virtual com ports. As virtual com ports run at 
the highest baud rate possible, I selected 256000 int the baud rate drop 
down list for my com port.
Anybody see a problem with that?
As the Rig1 radio selection is PowerSDR (name for the Flex5K Interface)
I just have the Poll int. set to 500ms.
Would a higher polling rate result in quicker rig qsy results???

Pse and tu. de Bill W9OL


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