[Skimmertalk] Antennas for Skimmer radios?

H Lawrence Serra hlserra at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 20 11:09:56 PST 2011

Pete N4ZR suggested I put this out to the group: 

I would like to hear from skimmer ops on what ANT systems they are using for 
their skimmers.

I am in the SW corner of the US, on the wrong (west) side of close-by Mt. 
Soledad and have roof space-limited ANTs. I use a PA0RDT active mini-whip ANT 
about 5 ft above my roof for my SDR-IQ radio which feeds the skimmer. I was 
surprised to see from N6TV's RBN stats that I have the lowest SNR average for 
signals of reported RBN skimmers, and post only 1/5 the spots N6TV had and 1/10 
the spots WA7LNW had from my part of the country.

I have tried putting my 2-el Steppir yagi pointed 045T on the skimmer when I am 
not contesting, and even that little extra gain results in more skimmer spots 
from NA and EU. My plan now is to find a used A3 tri-bander that I can cut down 
to a 2-el due to space limitations and because I want a broad beam width. I plan 
to use a coupler to feed both the active mini-whip and the 2-el yagi to the 
skimmer's feedline, so I don't have to mechanically switch ANTs when SkimScan 
switches to the low bands at night.

Anyway, I would be interested in what SDR or other radio you use, and what 
ANT(s) you use for your skimmers.

73, Larry N6NC

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