[Skimmertalk] Antennas for Skimmer radios?

Wes Cosand wes.cosand at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 03:26:44 PST 2011

Hi Andy:

As I see it, active verticals such as several of the Skimmer Server
receivers use have two advantages for this application:

1) -- They are broadbanded and solve the problem of presenting a 50 ohm
signal to the receiver on all the bands.
2) -- They are small, spouse-friendly, and easy to put up

Most of these active verticals probably do not receive better than a good
transmitting antenna.  I use a multiband transmitting vertical that was
designed decades ago and it appears to be competitive with receivers using
active verticals.

The use of pre-amps by most of us is because the QS1R has no pre-amp and
needs some help on the higher frequencies.

Good to see you on this email reflector.

Wes, WZ7I

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