[Skimmertalk] using skimmer for 6M beacons

Felipe Ceglia felipeceglia2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 14:11:00 PST 2011

Hi Mark,

It would be fantastic if cwskimmer could identify beacons by their
repetitive pattern and spot them as beacons, instead of DX.

I have raised this issue with VE3NEA once, but he did not fall in love
with the idea...


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2011/3/8 Mark n2qt <n2qt at verizon.net>:
> E skip season is going to be starting up and I'm planning on running a 6M
> skimmer.
> Last season I noticed that the skimmer's call validation algorithm struggled
> with
> the call format (/B) and the reporting of grid squares, which also look like
> possible
> callsigns.
> I think using a master.dta file with beacon callsigns and then running in
> paranoid mode
> would improve the performance, but before going to the trouble of trying
> this, I wondered
> if anyone else had already solved this problem.
> Mark n2qt
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