[Skimmertalk] Saving local spots?

Rick Kiessig kiessig at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 20:03:23 EDT 2012

I'm working on some software that does this type of logging (among many
other things related to Skimmer and RBN), but it's probably a month or so
from being ready for (limited) outside consumption. If you don't find a
suitable solution before then, feel free to check back with me.

73, Rick ZL2HAM

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tnx fer quick ideas.

Using the telnet command to log to a text file might be a solution(es tnx
fer suggestion), but it edits out the date info lines that are available in
the aggregator window.  The dates are a part of the data I want, which means
manual editing if I take that trail.

The skim server file log would be perfect[enough]....except I don't have the
QS1R kilobuck and complementary CPU handy.  Tin cans, strings, and
(should anyone care a rat's hindquarters, see:
http://w4kaz.com/qth/?page_id=2211  for verbosity)

Mayhaps a daily linux script to
curl/extract-transform-load/backup/merge/cleanup from RBN is what I really
need.  The format of the DB I set up is based on RBN raw data. 
Currently limited to collecting contest data.

Still holding out for a better idea.    [A pessimist is always 
pleasantly surprised when windfalls float our way - just never expecting it
to really happen]

tnx de w4kaz

> the skimmer software already makes a log file with all it's spots.

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