[Skimmertalk] A multi-band scanning SDR-IQ

Andrew O'Brien k3ukandy at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 18:56:46 PST 2012

Just having a little fun tonight.  I have my SDR-IQ scanning 4 bands
and "skimming" CW signals for reports to the Reverse Beacon Network.

K3UK	 TM1T 	        3523.3	CQ 	16 dB	24 wpm	                0235z 29 Jan
K3UK	 K7ROH 	        7107.9	CQ 	12 dB	16 wpm	               0235z 29 Jan
K3UK	 AA3B 	        1812.9	CQ [LoTW] 	32 dB	29 wpm	0231z 29 Jan
K3UK	 F5KMB/P 	3534.2	CQ 	15 dB	25 wpm	                0230z 29 Jan
K3UK	 VE3MMQ 	1828.6	CQ [LoTW] 	31 dB	28 wpm	0227z 29 Jan

The SDR-IQ does not  facilitate decoding of more than a 190 Khz
single band segment, BUT   I have achieved a multi-band capability
...of sorts.  It sound complicated but it really is not...  here is
how I do it.

I use Commander from the DX LAB Suite , and it controls my TS-2000.
My TS2000 is sync'd with the SDR-IQ via Microham's device router
virtual serial ports.   So, wherever Commander tells my TS-2000 to go,
my SDR-IQ immediately follows.  The TS-2000 is just a band changer, it
is not involved in receiving any signals.  It is involved as a
transmitter if I desire to work a station. Commander is configured
with the bands I wish to scan, and the "dwell time" I wish to use
between band changes.  I then run CW Skimmer and also W3OA's Commander
extension that links Commander and the CW Skimmer. I have DX Lab's
Spotcollector collecting all my skims for analysis AND audible voice
announcements of any needed DXCC entities! , I also have the Reverse
beacon network aggregator reporting my skims to the network.

K3UK	 AA1K 	1837.2	CQ [LoTW] 	27 dB	32 wpm	0245z 29 Jan
K3UK	 WA1MXT 3599.0	CQ 	29 dB	22 wpm	0244z 29 Jan
K3UK	 W2LJ 	3548.0	CQ [LoTW] 	8 dB	20 wpm	0244z 29 Jan
K3UK	 K7ROH 	7117.9	CQ 	14 dB	16 wpm	0243z 29 Jan
K3UK	 NQ4I 	1861.6	CQ [LoTW] 	21 dB	25 wpm	0241z 29 Jan

Just some mindless fun on a stormy night.

Andy K3UK

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