[Skimmertalk] WZ7I Skimmer offline -- electrical storm damage

W3OA w3oa at roadrunner.com
Mon Jul 16 14:32:05 PDT 2012

  Hi Wes -

Sorry to hear about your damage.  Please give us a report when you find 
out what was damaged and if it could be repaired.

I'm using the protection circuit Phil describes in the FAQs 
I think Pete also wrote an article describing a similar circuit in NCJ a 
while back.

I wonder if anyone has ever experienced damage to a QS1R when protected 
by such a device?

73 - Dick, W3OA

On 2:59 PM, Pete Smith N4ZR wrote:
> Ouch - sorry to hear that, Wes.  The storm largely missed us, but I 
> had my antenna disconnected anyway.
> Something I found out the hard way - I lost two RS-232 boards in my K3 
> before I learned the importance of having computer chassis and radio 
> chassis grounded to a common point.  I am taking some steps, both to 
> improve the RF shielding and the grounding of my QS1R.  I'm adding a 
> star washer and nut to the RF IN jack (after scraping away the powder 
> coating), and I will ground the case through one of the rear corner 
> screws.
> If anyone has gone this route already, do you know the size and thread 
> pitch of the BNC jack that Phil uses?  My caliper says 0.490 inches, 
> so I suppose it is 1/2 by ?  Maybe 1/2-32?
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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> On 7/15/2012 5:11 PM, Wes Cosand wrote:
>> I had the QS1R protected by a Polyphaser and the discharge tube in the
>> Clifton preamp but it was still damaged by today's electrical storm.
>> Not a direct hit but sufficient to do damage.
>> Wes, WZ7I
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