[Skimmertalk] Skimmer and aggregator question(s)

kaz kazeringue at aol.com
Fri May 11 08:34:09 PDT 2012

Thanks.  I created an aggregator folder/program copy for each skimmer 
occurrence, and have 40m and 80m both up and running.

Appreciate the advice about the I/Q Balance calibration.  That explains 
some of what I have been seeing when trying to calibrate the frequencies.

On the transformer issue, I've been searching for a less expensive 
solution than the iso xfmrs rated for wider bandwidths(Triad, et.al.).

It appears that the Radio Shack part is no longer listed.  So far, the 
inputs straight out of the Softrocks has not been terrible, but there is 
definitely a large spur on the center frequency.  I have the Softrocks 
isolated from the antennas with transformers, and a bit of extra 
filtering/bypass on the DC line as well.

The antenna situation is the next project, as well as some front end 
xmit and lightning protection. So its going to be a 'fair weather' 
skimmer station fo the immediate future.  This is all on a shoestring 
budget, so improvisation is required.

73 es tnx fer all

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