[Skimmertalk] SDR-IQ boundaries

KD7YZ Bob kd7yz at denstarfarm.us
Wed Feb 6 07:56:17 EST 2013

Hello Skimmertalk people:

I call it a boundary for want of a better term.

I have a  screen-shot  which makes this  question will appear a lot more
logical.  http://tinyurl.com/begy22t

What I see on the screen, of CWSkimmer, is a dashed line and color
change at "070". The "Tune" says 28072.47 fwiw. I am using SDR-IQ and
looking at the IF of my K3. The latter is running the 6m transverter.

Skimmer "Settings" uses SDR-IQ @ 192kHz.  The, greyed out, LO is
28082470 .

I have Aggregator set to add 22000 for the RBN

Anyway, the question is, at "067" I am decoding "DE WZ8D/B".

At "072.5" I am seeing, and mentally decoding, W9DR/B" , over and over
for ten minutes a good signal. Yet it does not decode on Skimmer.

So then, what setting do I need to set to have Skimmer see, say, from
50.0 to 50.1 ??

thanks for listening.

de Bob KD7YZ

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