[Skimmertalk] skimmer / ham station coexistence

Rick Kiessig kiessig at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 20:01:41 EST 2013

What I do is connect the RX ANT OUT port on my FTdx5000 to a splitter, then
feed one of the outputs of the splitter back to the RX ANT IN port, and the
other to a QS1R receiver for Skimmer.

With this setup, a relay in the FTdx5000 disconnects the QS1R when I key the

Using a splitter does cost 3 dB. I offset that partially and add some needed
gain for the QS1R by also using a broadcast filter and a preamp in the
signal chain, between the RX ANT OUT port and the splitter input. Also, you
can temporarily disconnect the RX ANT OUT port by toggling the RX ANT switch
off on the front panel.

If you go this route, be sure to use a good-quality splitter designed for
use on HF.

If your radio doesn't have an RX ANT OUT port, or to have Skimmer be able to
listen while the TX is keyed, you would basically need an SO2R setup, with
switchable band filters. Either that, or move your Skimmer receiver to a
nearby hilltop or something like that.

73, Rick ZL2HAM

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I keep switching my antennas between my SDR and my main station. Whenever, I
want to transmit, I also turn off CW Skimmer.

I wonder what it would take to allow skimmer to run as I am transmitting.
Separate antenna, for sure. What about relocating the SDR, maybe just to the
other end of the house away from the shack? What have other skimmer station
done in order to allow ham transmissions still occur in the very close


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