[Skimmertalk] Mining RBN data, export to web site?

N6EV - Paul Carreiro Paul at N6EV.com
Fri Sep 6 22:28:15 EDT 2013

Have a look here for an existing page by PA4N that does what you're 
looking to do for a number of clubs, with a lot of filtering options 
(club, band, speed, call, skimmer location, # spots, and sorts).
Good luck!

73  Paul  N6EV

At 06:05 PM 9/6/2013, Andy, K3UK wrote:
>Thanks Torsten and Pete.  I do actually want to filter RBN spots for a
>couple of CW clubs, one clubs uses my web site extensively for "skeds".
>  Feeding CQ calls from their club members would be a good addition.  I
>already run some MYSQL and PHP applications, so i would have to figure out
>if what I have can coexist with new code scripts that are needed to mine
>the RBN.  I would need to start with the basics though, though would appear
>to be to locate the RBN telnet server of raw data and "grab" the spots for
>re-posting on my site. Obviously after that, I would need to establish club
>databases , compare and then filter RBN spots with the club database.

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