[Skimmertalk] CW Skimmer and Flex bandwidth limitations

Andrew O'Brien k3ukandy at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 20:23:22 EDT 2013

Back to the issue of the bandwidth available when using CW Skimmer with a
Flex 3000. There was some discussion about whether the 24 Khz maximum
applied to ANY SDR or just the Flex. The screenshot here  (attached) shows
my Flex 3000 with a (presumed) maximum band scope of 24 Khz and my SDR-IQ
with 192 Khz band scope. Same PC and drivers.

Some folks may already know this , but there were some post where it was
unclear if the 24 Khz limit applied to all radios. It is indeed sad that
the Flex is not supported so users of CW Skimmer can take better advantage
of the otherwise fine software.  Apparently, some years ago, there was a
modified version of PowerSDR that allow better use of CW Skimmer.  I assume
that has disappeared.

Andy K3UK


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