[Skimmertalk] RBN - New Servers - Betas test

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Apr 28 08:03:47 EDT 2014

The RBN team, with important outside help (see below), has been working 
hard to improve our Telnet feed.  Standard Telnet cluster servers have a 
lot of overhead, which can limit throughput or cause hard-to-diagnose 
bugs, so we are looking for a better solution.

Beginning immediately, there will be two additional servers available on 
beta test.  They are relay1.reversebeacon.net and 
relay2.reversebeacon,net, both reachable on port 7000.  These servers 
are pure relays, and are not intended for end-users, but rather for 
connection by "retail" clusters, to which users will connect.  As such, 
they do not support any filtering or other end-user commands, nor do 
they maintain any databases or other references.  They do not determine 
country, state,zone or anything else from the callsign, and will simply 
ignore user commands. We believe that this approach will mean more 
stable and reliable service under future anticipated loads of many times 
the peak spot flow experienced so far..

Relay 1 is a Windows-based server written by Lee Sawkins, VE7CC.  Our 
thanks to him.  Relay 2 is Linux-based, developed by Felipe Ceglia, 
PY1NB and Dave Pascoe, KM3Tof the RBN team.

We would appreciate any feedbackfrom cluster operators about the service 
provided by these servers.

73, Pete N4ZR
for the RBN team

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